11-14 October 2018

Jana Sanskriti, from India, is the biggest Theater of the Oppressed experience in the World.

The company will come to Italy to offer a High Level Training.

A 4 days Artistic Retreat , to explore oppressions in our societies surrounded by the mountains and the forests of northern Italy.


What we will do during the workshop

We will live a training experience on Forum Theater, the most diffused Theater of the Oppressed practice all around the world. We will work both on our own strories and on already scripted plays, focusing on main topics susch as gender relations, climate change, environmental sustainability and cultural integration. We will use games and exercise as social metaphors to explore the oppressions that we experiment in our daily life and to find a connection with our inner conflicts. As a group we will explore several dimensions related to the oppressor and the oppressed. We will understand deeply oppressor ideology through different Teather of the Oppressed techniques. We will apply specific techniques to improve characters definition. Participants will be also proposed to undertake a theoretical journey about the origins and the development of this revolutionary theatral and educational instrument. The Training will be facilitated by Sima and Sanjoy Ganguly that will be hosted at our Ecovillage for the second year.

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Jana Sanskriti

Jana Sanskriti was born in 1985 in India to use theatre as a tool for political action, community mobilization and popular education. At the present it is one of the most important Theatre of the Oppressed experiences in the World. Every two years Jana Sanskriti organizes Mukhtadara, an international festival of forum theatre in Bengal State. The festival allows Theater Practitioners from all over the world to meet local communities and work with them using theater as a tool for social change and grassroots mobilization.

Sanjoy Ganguly
Sanjoy Ganguly was active in party politics as a student. Disillusioned by its centralist tendencies, he left his party to search for a political culture of dialogue and democracy. He began working iwith theatre in rural Bengal in the early 1980s. Several years later he met with Augusto Boal and discovered that Theatre of the Oppressed coupled with his passionate commitment to social justice. He found Jana Sanskriti as an independent organisation committed to the use of theatre to conscientise and empower local communities. With more than thirty active theatre groups associated with the group, Jana Sanskriti is the biggest Theater of the Oppressed organisation in India and the most important Theater of teh Oppressed experiences in the world.

Sima Ganguly
Sima Ganguly is the lead actress and co-founder of Jana Sanskriti. She regularly performs in the central coordination team of Jana Sanskriti. She is a theatre trainer and directs workshop mainly for the teams Jana Sanskriti has developed outside the state of West Bengal. She has participated in theatre workshops with noted practitioners like Augusto Boal, Kanaiha Lal and Ramaprasad Banik. She travels regularly with Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti’s coordination team to coordinate shows in the villages across India and all around the world since 1991. Sima is also the lead actress of Jana Sanskriti’s renowned play The Golden Girl which has been staged in India and abroad over 2,500 times over the last 25 years.


AlluceLocationThe workshop will be held in the wonderful scenario of “L’Alluce Verde” Ecovillage. Located in Monzuno (Bologna, Italy) l’Alluce Verde was born in 2010 from the dreams of two families that committed themselves to give new life to an old house located in the heart of the Apennines Mountains. Today it offers common spaces for retreats, workshops and night meetings, in the name of art, sharing and of the relationship with nature.

Dates and times:
We will meet at 12:00 p.m on 11th and we will say good bay at 6:00 p.m.  on14th October

Food: vegetarian
shared dorms

Languages: Italian, English and Spanish