The European Tour of the most famous Theater of the Oppressed company in the World

The European tour will support Jana Sanskriti project for Theater in Education Programs in Bengal state. The project aims to break with patriarchal system, by empowering women to reduce young girls marriages in India. During the tour Jana Sanskriti will carry out shows, workshops and conferences about gender issues and other topics in order to inspire thousand of people from all around Europe.

Jana Sanskriti

Jana Sanskriti was born in 1985 in India to use theatre as a tool for political action, community mobilization and popular education. At the present it is one of the most important Theatre of the Oppressed experiences in the World. Every two years Jana Sanskriti organizes Mukhtadara, an international festival of forum theatre in Bengal State. The festival allows Theater Practitioners from all over the world to meet local communities and work with them using theater as a tool for social change and grassroots mobilization.

Where and Contacts

Milan: 1st-8th October
“Associazione CasaPace” and “Associazione Melisandra”

Wien: 10th-13th October
“TdU Wien”

Grenoble: 17th-22nd October
“Les Fees Rosses” and “La Pagaille”

Parma 25th October
“Cooperativa Giolli”

Padova: 27th-28th October
“Master in studi interculturali. Saperi e Pratiche per l’accoglienza dei richiedenti asilo” – Padova University

Bologna: 2nd-6th November
“Teatro della Tenerezza”

Take action!

Supporting Jana Sanskriti tour means “I want to change the world through theater”. Helping Jana Sanskriti to run conferences, shows and workshop is a way to say “I choose the beauty, I choose to break injustice, intolerance and loleliness in my community”.

With 7000 Euros we will support travel and living expenses of the company in Europe. Trough theis tour, Jana Sanskriti members will raise fund to support their educational project in India. Depending on the amount of the contribution, you will be able to become a “Basic Supporter” (under 30 Euros), a “Jana Sanskriti Friend” (30 to 200 Euros) or a “World Changer” (over 200 Euros). If you cannot support monetary the campaign don’t worry. There are hundreds of ways to contribute to our common goals and change the world toghether. You can get the word out. If you wish you can use the Indiegogo share tools!



International Workshop 2nd-5th November

The workshop will be held by Sanjoy and Sima Ganguly, the leader facilitators of Jana Sanskriti, the biggest Theater of The Oppressed Company in the World. During a 4 days retreat in “l’Alluce Verde” ecovillage located in the mountains of northern Italy, the participants will be scripting their own play. The games and exercise proposed during the workshop will act as social metaphors. The participants will be able to connect with their own reality and with their inner self, in order to find the oppressions they experiment in the daily life. The group will search for several dimensions related to the oppressor and the oppressed. The ideology of the oppressor will be deeply understood through different TO techniques. The scenes wil be scripted trough participative work and a forum play will be structured. The workshop will include rehearsal of the forum. Participants will be also proposed to undertake a theoretical journey to visit and revisit Boal. 


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