9-15 July 2018

1 week residency for adults and kids to experiment Community Life. Art, Healing and Service are the Keywords of this experience. Because together we can change the World!

Why Art Village?

The Art Village comes out from the reseach for a definition of “community” and from the urgency to find instruments to build up resilient communities . During Art Village everybody will be able to share his/her own knowledge and experience, by proposing an artistici expeience or an olistic treatment.  We will also have dream circles and night celebrations. We will ask to ourselves what is power, what is conflict, what is a community and how to achieve our dreams. We will answer to these questions creatively. Trough daily rituals, working moments and the common care of our children we will experiment the beauty and the contradictions of living in a community.



Facilitators:Abra degli Esposti ed Antonio Graziano

We are a couple of artists. Toghether with our little daughther, we search the way to build communities that support the evolution of the planet in the respect of every form of life, help to honour relationships between human beings and with Mother Earth and help to reach happiness and the full realization of our dreams. We had several experiences regarding community life and spiritual practices. We believe that Art can contribute to self-kwnowledge. We believe that only if we change ourselves we will change the world. We are happy to invite you to share your dreams with our dreams, and build toghether a common dream.

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Programme of Art Village


Yoga: Along the days yoga sessions could be offered by the participants

Meditation: Along the days meditation sessions could be offered by the participants

Dreams: We will share the sleeping and awaken dreams. We will represent our dreams trough creative instruments.

Service: We will contribute to little works inside the ecovillage, e.g. gardening, wood cutting and disposal,house building.

Healing: Who wishes, will be able to offer freely his/her own practice to the other participants of the village.

Art: We will search for creative answers to questions on life in community. We will experiment alchemic sculture in the fire, true painting in the forest, theater of the oppressed, psychodrama and theater of spontaneity.

Celebration: Every night we will have a party to manifest gratitude for the day that we will have spent toghether.

Circle: Every night the circle of word will be a tool of carismatic communication and deep listening. Every member of the circle will be able to manifest his/her own ideas and feelings, supported by the silence and the no-judgmen by the rest of the group.

Kids Service: On a turn-over basis, we will prepare activities addressed to che kids that will take part to the village.

Kitchen Service: On a turn-over basis, we will cook for all the participants to the village.

The Art Village will be held at L’Alluce Verde eco-village, located in Monzuno (Bologna, Italy). L’Alluce Verde was born in 2010 from the dreams of two families that committed themselves to givienew life to an old house in the heart of the Apennines Mountains. Today L’Alluce Verde offers common spaces for retreats, workshops and night meetings, in the name of art, sharing and of the relationship with nature. The place can be reached by car or train from Florence (50 min) or Bologna (30 min).


Dates: 4:00 p.m. Monday 9 July to 5:00 p.m Sunday 15 July 2018
Location: “L’Alluce Verde” Ecovillage – Monzuno (Bologna)
Facilitators: Abra degli Esposti and Antonio Graziano
Food: vegan/vegetarian
Accomodation: dorms + camping space (with you own tent or camper)
Languages: Italian, Spanish and English
Costs (participation to the workshop + accomodation + food): 150 €; Kids under 4: Free; Kids 4-12 years: 75 €



whatsup: +39.3491240429

No DOGS are allowed at the ecovillage